Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Artists' Promo

The banner below was created for White Rock artist, Meghan Carich. Please visit the blog I designed to showcase her work here:
                                                         mask by Meghan Carich, banner by Fireweed Designs

I photographed this exquisite mosaic created by Denman artist Sudasi Gardner and have used it as the 'greeting image' on a blog I'm working on for her Gallerie Deya. Click on this link to see more:  http://www.galleriedeya.blogspot.ca/
mosaic by Sudasi Gardner, photo by Fireweed Designs

clay creations by Shirley Philips, collage by Fireweed Designs

^ This collage was created for use on a blogspot promoting the annual Denman Pottery Tour, which always takes place on the May long weekend. Potter Shirley Phillips is renowned for her innovative use of found objects which she applies to the clay surface to create a variety of textures and designs. I have inset a variety of 'tools' around the central portrait, to acentuate this recurring theme in her work.

Please visit www.denmanpotterytour.blogspot.com for additional examples of mini posters for potters on the annual tour. I am happy to create these kinds of montages for all sorts of artists, for use on the web, brochures, posters, what have you...

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