Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Product Labels

Lavender Hill,  Fireweed Designs

Local herbalist Ana Miriam blended various combinations of herbs grown organically in her Lavender Hill Garden. To the left is a label I designed for her Enchanted Herbal Tea blend. Ana was already using a spiral in her product design, which I changed to a more upbeat look with size, color and font placement that could still be read on top of a vibrant background. I adapted this new triple spiral design on the round lid to other packaging elements such as her square, folding product description cards for herbal bath sachets, etc.

Lavender Hill,  Fireweed Designs

Sacred Harvest Botanicals,  Fireweed Designs

Over the years I have designed a variety of different labels for my own herbal product line, Sacred Harvest Botanicals. The Celtic symbol on top has been constant, printed in different colors on round stickers.  I also have the wrap around labels printed on sticky back paper that I have sized to fold neatly around the tin. Details about this particular herbal salve are in fine print on the other side of the tin just out of view in this image.  An uncluttered label is far more attractive than one that tries to combine too much information.

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