Monday, April 28, 2008

Food Photography

Island Textures greeting cardphoto by Fireweed

Arkadian Gardens Cuisine, photo by Fireweed

Fireweed's Cakes & Catering, photo by Fireweed

Lily Plain Summer Preserves, photo by Fireweed

Book Covers

Writing a book or personal memoir? A creative jacket for your project may be just the thing! This gentleman has a wide selection of hats and had as much fun posing as I did making each portrait unique.

Fireweed Designs

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ad Copy Design

Here are a couple of examples of effective business card sized ads I've designed for various publications.

I like to work strong contrast into black and white designs so that I can be sure the ad is going to stand out on the page! Note the addition of the blogspot address along the side of the pottery tour ad, directing readers to the web for further information.

No unnecessary list of retail outlets has been added on the Denman Island Miso ad, keeping the design
crisp and adequately informative rather than busy and unattractive with too much detail. The most important component in ad design is the positive reinforcement of product recognition.

Event Poster Design

Whatever kind of event you wish to promote...

annual events, one time functions, or on-going classes, I'm happy to assist with photography and design from inception to project completion, or any combination thereof. I work with reliable and reasonably priced copy and print shops in town that can provide me price quotes on finished product quantities as well.

          photos and layout -  Fireweed Designs 

                                       Fireweed Designs

                                             Fireweed Designs

                          Fireweed Designs

Fireweed Designs (beadwork by L. Jacobs)

                                Fireweed Design

Photo Montage

Denman's annual Home and Garden Tour is a fundraiser for our local Conservancy Association, and I have been hired numerous times over the years to help with promotion by photographing participating lands and dwellings for the local media.

Here I have collaged several photos taken at David and Carol Freeman's lovely place, complete with gardens and details of their innovative cob buildings. This is a fun way to share photos, and I enjoy playing with the various elements of individual pictures, juxtaposing details with larger vistas, etc.

I am also happy to take existing photographs a client may already have, which I can scan and resize to fit one specific format that can be shared more easily, as in the accompanying example. The personal montage below was created in loving memory of Neysa Turner.


                               Fireweed Designs
I designed this two-sided invitation for master potter Gordon Hutchens' exhibition at the Gallery of BC Ceramics, keeping in mind that the images he wanted to use must work in black and white on one side, and color on the other. The crystaline glazed vase worked well in terms of contrast minus color components, so that was the best choice for the back side. I placed the vase photo slightly off to the right for a more interesting look that would also accomodate the desired scale for retaining decorative detail.
                                Fireweed Designs

I reworked Gordon's original photo of himself in front of a wood kiln (by Paul Bailey), by turning it around so he is now facing in the opposite of the original direction, and lowered the flames so that design-wise they'd work better in the existing space. I inset the smaller pottery image (already available on a gradated background) where I did because it already stood out on its own, and chose to really highlight the larger pot which I photographed myself, because the vibrancy of its colors could almost appear to be sparkling in the light of the flames pictured above.

It's always important to leave adequate 'negative space' in a design so it doesn't appear too crowded, especially when a lot of information must be packed into a small area! In this case I also had to squeeze in the gallery logo on both sides, so used a dark red on the front that would still be visible without overpowering the rest of the design.

Business Cards

Patrick and Jane Fawkes grow delicious, organic heritage apples on their Denman Island Farm. I photographed these beauties still hanging on the tree, complete with morning dew. I added the image of their dog for both balance, and a little more 'country feel' to the design. I like the way black backgrounds often help bright colors stand out so brilliantly.

Yoga teachers Sandy Melnyk and Josie Slater are not alone in their attraction to the lotus flower, so I've been challenged to create a number of unique looks!

Image variety is useful. For those of us with a number of different ventures on the go it can be most constructive to have unique cards specific to each. I can add your existing logo to a card, or help you find/create just the right look for your own personal business needs.